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But can they Find You?​

Analyzing search engine data tells you about what people are looking for online.

Are people finding you when they are searching for your guidance and offerings?

Do you want people to find you online?

Over 80% of people use Search Engines to research something before they buy.

People are searching online every day to find products, information, and solutions to problems.

Google is a search engine designed to provide people with results that best meet their search intent.

Search engines track, measure, and weigh over 200 factors to determine the order of search results.

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of ensuring that people find you!

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How can you meet search engine criteria to rise in the rankings and get more traffic? 

In a nutshell, SEO involves analyzing search data, creating quality content on your site, optimizing the fundamentals of your site so search engines can read it, and sharing it far and wide so people link to it.

SEO research also helps to identify market demands like products, services, and information people want.


Contact Entrepreneuron, a Baltimore SEO company eager to research, design, and guide your SEO Strategy!

Baltimore SEO - Goals

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so vitally important?

  • The first result in Google searches gets about 33% of all clicks for that keyword.

  • The first 3 results in Google receive about 75% of all clicks.

  • The first page of results on Google gets 92% of all clicks.

If you are not on the first page of results, you are missing out on most search traffic!

Reach People on their Search Terms.

SEO is about getting your site into the top results for search terms relevant to your business or organization.

SEO is about finding opportunities for content that your audience wants, and getting it out in front of them!

We will walk through your particular goals, and design a marketing and sales funnel to turn traffic into leads.

Entrepreneuron is a Baltimore SEO company that serves clients nationwide. I use advanced software, astute analysis, and clever entrepreneurial insight tuned to your particular business needs in order to find cost effective marketing opportunities in the search data.


Leverage my search engine expertise to boost your web traffic and sales!

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Apply the Fundamentals of Optimization.

Improving your SEO is sort of like improving your credit.


Ultimately your credit score is a black box of secrets that credit bureau's control by their proprietary formula.


But there still are some parameters known about what the most important factors are, and how to improve it.

Similarly, we know that Google is evaluating over 200 factors to determine your search ranking. Some are absolutely critical, some not as much, a composite score is produced, and it changes in real time.

Look for the Search Necessities.

Essentials of SEO include: the amount of content on a page, the focus, page titles, meta description, web address, how fast it loads, how well it shows up in mobile devices, and the time people spend on each page.

These are SEO Fundamentals. Get them wrong and you won't appear in searches.

Here are some of those most vital considerations to include in your search engine optimization strategy!

Your SEO Strategy Must Include...



Determine all niches you operate in and appeal to, how people are finding you, and what questions and terms people search when they are looking for what you offer.



Enter what is uncovered in discovery into SEO softwares to build a list of all potential variants of keywords pertaining to your niche, audience, locale, and offering.



Label and sort keywords based on search volume, buyer intent, competition, click likelihood, and alignment with your offerings, audience, marketing strategy, and brand.




Select keywords based on research data, competitive research, and marketing budget and goals. Create a Content Plan for pages and blogs, with a defined marketing funnel.




What does your audience want to read about or watch? What will position you as a guide with a solution? What value can you provide in exchange for email addresses?




Page and image metadata, url, title, description, etc. These are the fundamentals of SEO. If applicable, also update the social card so it appears well on social media.




Search engines run "spiders" over your website to map all of the information. Make sure it is submitted correctly, errors are fixed, and that no broken links are left behind.



If your business is a local destination, it is absolutely essential to set up and optimize a Google My Business page. Make sure it includes details and reviews to drive traffic.



How are people finding your website, and what are they doing while they are there? Understanding your customers and their behavior shows you what's working.



If your website takes too long to load, customers leave. Not only does the data show this, but the search algorithms punish websites which do not load fast enough.



The key innovation of Google's search algorithm is using links from other websites to measure your trustworthiness. Links must be of high quality though, or penalties apply!



Run SEO reports regularly to determine if any errors or suggestions appear requiring you to fix critical errors or warnings that may damage or reduce the impact of your SEO.

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Baltimore SEO - Fundamentals
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Hire a BALTIMORE SEO Expert​

Entrepreneuron is a Baltimore SEO company serving Businesses, Organizations, and Entrepreneurs to reach their audiences locally, nationally, and globally. 

I would love to learn about your company or organization, your mission, values, offerings, audience, and your plans and goals. I'm also curious, what you struggle with, and what you need most to succeed! 


I use advanced SEO software, training, experience, and passion to research and analyze data. I then distill it all into an actionable set of insights and plans for you. I aim to make SEO simple, practical, and rewarding.

Reach out to start a conversation about how my Baltimore based SEO company can help you to grow!

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I'd love to hear more about your project. What are your Challenges, Opportunities, and Goals? Let's see if I can help!

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Search Engine Optimization Packages:


Find out what people search for and how you can reach them!

I will analyze your website, research keywords people use to find services like yours, select ones we can build a strategy around, and provide advice on your gameplan.

Baltimore SEO Strategy

Only $1,995


The SEO Strategy Package includes Research, Analysis, & Reporting, such as:

  1. Website Audit - How healthy is your website in the eyes of search engines? I will run a number of sophisticated audit programs on your website, to provide a range of measures determining how well it performs, with clear insights into opportunities, what can be improved, and what is a problem.

  2. Fundamental Analysis - Are there any critical errors or warnings to be aware of and to respond to? Are there any changes that could be implemented on the structure, navigation, or metadata of the website to improve how Google reads your website and how highly it ranks?

  3. Platform Evaluation - Determine if your website platform has the right tools and settings to allow for proper SEO, or advise on which platforms or plugins can provide proper search engine optimization.

  4. Keyword Research - I will learn all about your business and niche, and do extensive keyword research to determine what kind of traffic is out there related to your offerings. How are people thinking about your offerings, and what are their questions about it? You want keywords signaling high buyer intent, and you need keywords you can realistically compete for. This research is a cornerstone to your marketing and website strategy, and it lays the foundation for a website that keeps bringing in traffic. 

  5. Content Plan - Keyword research shows what your audience is hungry for. From this research I will determine what are the best options to call your main pages, which additional landing pages to consider building, and what to write about or to make videos about for your blog and social media. 

  6. Business Insights - Keyword research can tell you a lot about a market. It may provide insight into creating new or repositioning your offerings. It may offer clues into desired digital offerings, resources, online tools, webinars, etc. that you can offer in exchange for people's contact information.

  7. Domain Evaluation - After examining the keyword evidence and reports, is your domain name fulfilling the potential of your brand and keyword space? I may recommend a few interesting domain names and positioning opportunities that surface, and if you like them, I can help you to obtain them.

  8. Competitive Landscape - Examine keyword, blog, and search engine research to determine the most significant players in your niche. What is the difference in traffic, keywords and backlinks between their websites and yours? What appears to be their value proposition, what are they nailing, and how are you different and able to compete with them? What can you learn from, emulate, or avoid? 

  9. Speed Analysis - Speed is a critical factor in ranking your website. 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. How fast does each of your pages load? What is slowing it down, and what are the fastest short term ways and realistic long term ways to remedy that?

  10. Mobile Analysis - Over 50% of website traffic today is mobile. Find out how well your website show up across phone and tablet devices, across all models, operating systems, and browsers.  


Implement our findings to Optimize your Website's top pages.

I will edit your website content, and tweak under the hood details, so that your website content matches your SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Baltimore SEO Implementation

Only $2,995

This SEO Implementation Package applies what we find to boost your site:

  1. SEO Research Package - Everything included in the SEO Strategy Package above!

  2. Content Optimization - Confirm the keyword selection for each page, and apply everything learned in the Keyword Study and measures above to optimize the text and titles on your website.

  3. Fundamental OptimizationApply the keywords we've selected to your page URLs, to image labels, into heading tags, and into the metadata (short snippet descriptions) of the website.

  4. Install Analytics - Create accounts and plug your website into Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so that you can monitor your website activity and increase your search traffic.

  5. Traffic Forwarding - We want to make sure new or updated pages still receive the traffic and link "juice" they already have. I will set up forwarding so old links are mapped intelligently to new pages.

  6. Site Map - I will double check all metadata and page settings, and submit a site map to the major search engines. I'll make sure Google can read your site map easily, without any errors or warnings.

  7. Local Listings - Create a profile for your business in Google Maps, and optimize the settings, so that your business comes up when people search locally. I will also advise on ways to enhance results.

  8. SEO Site Audit - Run tests to determine the new SEO score of the website overall, and of each page individually, to indicate where content and fundamentals could be further enriched.

  9. New Content Optimization - The keyword research and analysis will yield lots of ideas for new landing pages or blog posts you might want to create. I will Search Engine Optimize the content and fundamentals for up to 3 new blogs or landing pages you create over a 1 year period.

  10. Quarterly Reports - Every 6 months for 1 Year I will email an overview of your analytics, highlighting keywords you are ranking for, traffic levels, and visitor data including where they come from, how they found you, and how long they stay. Plus tips, opportunities, and issues to consider.


Add jet fuel to your SEO through stellar content and links.

I will boost your website standings by designing great content and hiring expert outreach professionals to make sure it reaches new audiences in your niche.

Baltimore SEO - Acceleration

Only $4,995

This SEO Acceleration Package boosts your rankings, and includes:

  1. SEO Research + Implementation - Everything from the two packed SEO packages above!

  2. Content Creation - I will develop a unique offering to provide value and to get people's attention in your niche. Such as: an epic blog post, useful list, infographic, video, tool, or free guide. We will plan it, I will build it or will hire a professional to build it. Then I will SEO a page or post about it.

  3. Guest Posts - I will work with professionals to research and craft 3 Guest Blog posts about you! They will be around 1,000 words each, and will be published on reputable blogs in your niche, and in context will include some discussion about and a link to your business, product, or campaign.

  4. Directories + Profiles - Make sure that your business information appears, and appears correctly, in the most important directories and social profiles. There should be a consistency in your information across business listing websites, directories in your niche, the yellow pages, review sites, and through information directories that provide data to GPS devices and services. I will do a Business Listings Audit to show where you are, and create profiles in 20-30 worthwhile Directories.

  5. Backlink Strategy 75% of content gets zero links to it, according to a study of 1 million blogs. Meanwhile, the number of links to your website is the top weighting factor for search engines. I will analyze your competition to determine how many links it will take for you to get in the top 10.

  6. Find Links - Find all of the low hanging fruit, such as existing but unlinked brand mentions, resource pages or directories in your niche, associations, and asking partners, clients, vendors, etc.

  7. Remove Toxic Backlinks - Some links to your site can actually be harmful, if they are from a well-known spam site or mistrusted domain. You won't believe the strange sites linking to random things on your site for unknown reasons. I will identify them, and contact Google to disavow them.
  8. Advanced Analytics - Google Analytics does a great job of telling you who is coming to your website, where they are coming from, and how long they are staying on certain pages. It can be more of a challenge to determine which buttons and links they are clicking, when they download and buy, etc. We will set up Google Tag Manager, and connect it to Google Analytics, to track the clickthrough rate and other data for your top 5 Goals and Events that occur on your website.

  9. Advanced Reporting - Instead of sending you a quarterly report on your SEO progress, I will send you advanced monthly reports for a year, highlighting important insights, and recommending if any actions should be taken to remedy issues or to take advantage of opportunities.

  10. Advanced Support - Have any questions about how your campaigns are going, or what you should work on or write next? Reach out to me. Also, I will fix any SEO errors or warnings that come up over 1 year, and advise if it is something that requires more extensive work.

SPECIAL: Combine an SEO Package with a Website Construction Package for only $1,000 more!

Have your Website professionally Planned and Built, and also Search Engine Strategized and Optimized, all for only $3,795.

Only $3,995

Baltimore SEO and Website Construction

The Website Construction Package includes:

  1. Business Analysis - What is your mission and history? What are your offerings? Who is your audience? Opportunities & Challenges? Plans & Goals? Some Discovery and Business Consultation.

  2. Capabilities Assessment - What does your site need for your business? A store, booking system, portfolio, blog? We determine your holistic needs and which systems will work for you.

  3. Brand Elements - What is your Brand Story, and how is that reflected? Clarify all brand elements, including mission, vision, feelings, colors, words, phrases, visuals. Also, brief branding Consultation.

  4. Marketing Mechanisms - Who is your audience? Why are you different? Clarify your sales proposition. Establish primary marketing mechanisms of website to collect lead information.

  5. Website Design - What are the primary areas and pages of your site, and how can they be sorted? What is the plan for simple organization and navigation to get people to what they want easily?

  6. Website Construction - I will build the entire website that we plan. I will consolidate existing content and generate new content to tell your story, and to drive people to take action.

  7. Website Launch - Once you review it and I make any adjustments, I will activate the new website. I will test everything to ensure it works, and I will intelligently forward traffic from your previous site.

  8. Mobile & Speed Optimization - I will make sure through software tests that your website is formatted to appear flawlessly on every type of device, and that it loads as quickly as possible.

  9. Platform Discount - I often use Wix to build websites. It is an amazing balance of power, flexibility, affordability, and accessibility. Plus, you get up to 65% off, a free domain, and +$200 in Ad Credits!

  10. Training & Support - I will provide resources and a walkthrough to show you how to edit your website and blog. Need a little something adjusted? Broke something? Have a question? Ask me!


Receive all this along with your SEO services, and a lot more!


See Everything included in the Website Construction Package.

Get a Website you Love -- that reaches more people, makes you more money, and makes your life easier!

Reach Out when you Need Me.

Every SEO Package includes my genuine support, guidance, and care.


Have a curiosity about how your campaign is ​going? Need to adjust something or concerned something is broken? Not sure what to do next? Just drop me a line! I am here for you.


How soon can I SEO your Website?

Usually I can complete your SEO Research within 2-4 weeks, and it takes about as long to implement it.


Let me know if you have any particular timeline you are looking to meet, and we'll see what is possible.

Select an SEO Package above to reserve my services, or Contact Me to discuss your website project!


What results can you expect from SEO?

SEO is an essential component of online marketing in the age of searching before shopping. It positions you to increase your exposure and search engine traffic, so you can collect more leads and make more sales.

Depending on your strategy and effort, it takes at least a few weeks to a few months for search engines to start sending traffic your way. If it is a more competitive niche or keyword, it could take longer.


This depends on many factors, including where you are starting from, how much content you are creating and the quality of it, how much link building you're doing, and if you're sharing your content broadly.

Often the SEO work I do with Entrepreneuron increases the keywords your website ranks for from a few dozen to 300-1,000+ in about 2-4 months. This often brings with it an increase of organic traffic of 2-10x!

We will pay special attention to 3-5 Keywords that are most essential to your brand, offerings, and niche.

To accelerate and improve your results, I also recommend enhancing your social media game, sending out newsletters, crafting some press, doing some outreach, and using adeptly deployed Ad campaigns.

Is SEO a Silver Bullet that will solve all of your marketing problems?

SEO can pour hundreds or thousands of new people through your website every month. Even fundamental efforts based on good research can have enormous impacts, especially on local or niche focused markets. 

SEO is not a cure-all for successfully making money online.


A person still has to find your website, product, and company useful and trustworthy for your SEO to pay off.

SEO brings traffic, but you have to engage with and satisfy that demand.


Your website should be built around your SEO strategy, and needs a marketing funnel to collect leads.

Depending on your niche and keywords, backlinks may be necessary.

For some keywords, content and fundamental optimization is enough to get you into the top results. For other keywords or niches, you will need other sites, especially reputable and related sites, to link to your pages in order for Google to boost it higher in the search results. Don't worry, we can work on that too!

SEO is not always a straight path or an immediate or constant trend up.


You go after a lot of keywords, so you have multiple horses in the race. You make some strategy, commit to initiatives, see some progress, make some adjustments, monitor, and repeat. Then you get surprised when the number of keywords you are ranking for, your position in the rankings, and your traffic starts to climb!

As with all good strategies, you want to monitor your results, and adjust or double down along the way.

SEO requires patience and strategy, but it has a phenomenal return on investment!

Let's have a conversation about your search marketing strategy, and where you want to be.