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Invest your resources where you know people will actually buy

We analyze market data from search engines and your unique business, brand, and needs to consult you on how to:


  • Prioritize your offerings

  • Focus your message

  • Rank higher on search engines

  • Reach your audience online

  • Convert traffic into leads & sales

  • Build trust with content marketing

Talk with a Market Research Consultant about our Keyword Research Service today.

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Why work with an SEO focused Market Research Consultant?

You can learn so much about your business by discovering how people search your offerings on Google. Think about it. Is there anyone in your life that you ask more questions to than Google? 

By analyzing the way your customers are searching for you online, you can not only optimize your content to expand your reach, you can also deduce essential strategic insights into your customer behavior and product-market fit. 

A market research consultant can help you determine:

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Your Offers

Discover niches where your solutions stand out and customers pay premium

Your Audience
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Learn where and how your audience seeks you out online


Your Message

Craft a message that speaks directly to their pains and motivations


Stop blindly throwing marketing dollars against the wall, hoping something will stick. 

BEFORE you invest money into websites and marketing, you need to establish an intentional, data-informed strategy that focuses your marketing to where people are searching to buy, and where you can stand out from the competition. This is where our Keyword Research service comes in.

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Then you can plant roots and invest confidently in a marketing engine that will bring you a steady stream of qualified leads every month. Otherwise -- you'll never stop hustling for new business.

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3 Parts of a Go-to-Market Strategy

1. SEO & Market Research

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Your market research consultant will analyze data and prepare a comprehensive report with valuable insights into how to reach your audience. This keyword research service prepares the foundation for content that keeps bringing traffic to your site.

2. Offers & Positioning

We'll help you determine which offers to prioritize, how to position them to stand out, where to find your audience online, and how to convert them into interested customers.

3. Brand Message & Reach

We'll work with you to craft a brand message that speaks directly to the wants, needs, hopes & fears of your target audience. We'll also recommend where to find them online and how to best reach them. 

What if your website brought you a steady stream of qualified leads every month?

"Not only did Entrepreneuron build us a great new website, it's already bringing in about 3 leads a day for us, and it's only been 3 months!"

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Kevin Cheung

Community Solar Farm

Your Go-to-Market Strategy will include:

Your expert Market Research Consultant from Entrepreneuron will provide a comprehensive Keyword Research service that unearths everything you need to know to develop a winning digital strategy.

Keyword Research Service

SEO research to discover where you can stand out and grow traffic.

Content Plan

We'll give you data-backed topics to build content for your blog, mailing list, social media etc..

Business Offers 

We'll provide insights into which offers look the strongest, and how you can position yourself to stand out.

Audience Profile & Brand Story

We'll work with you to create a compelling brand story, putting your customer as the hero at the center.

Competition & Opportunity

Competitive analysis to learn ways you can outperform your competition.

Marketing Channels

We'll recommend which marketing channels & strategies you should use to reach your audience.

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Let's find out who's searching for you

Find out how people are searching for what you offer and stand for.

From there, we can help you reach them, and prove to them them how you can help.

Entrepreneuron's expertise is in Market Research for startups and small businesses.

We love to help companies and organizations to find their niches, to rank highly in Google, and to grow in their ability to serve their audiences, communities, and missions.

Find out what a Market Research Consultant and a Keyword Research Service can do for your business! 

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Why Hire a Market Research Consultant?


Entrepreneuron helped us align our entire brand and digital strategy, got us to the top of search results, and saved us TONS of money on Ads!


Now our tour and enrollment schedules are filling up super fast." 

Karen Nystrom
Nature Preschool of Baltimore


After hiring Entrepreneuron for SEO work, my common keyword search placed my site organically on the first page of google's results, behind only one organization that has a two-decade or more head start in my field!

Ardell Broadbent
Foundation for Intentional Community


Entrepreneuron revamped the website & SEO for our new parent wellness center, and the results have been phenomenal! I've received SO much positive feedback.


My business continues to grow online, even losing our space during Covid, and I have no doubt it is largely due to their stellar work.

Karen Kindig
The Womb Room

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We offer non-profit clients a discount of all our services to help spread the impact.

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