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We Believe

Many think the world needs more creative entrepreneurs & problem solvers to face the essential challenges of our day. We believe they are already out there.


They're just struggling to be heard -- struggling to be found online.

We also believe that profit doesn't need to come at the expense of integrity;

that business should serve people first, and create a positive impact on the community and the world.


That's why we love helping mission-driven start ups and small businesses reach a larger audience online.

Our name,
entrepreneuron, is the belief that entrepreneurship is a vital spark needed for creating a more thriving and abundant world. 

People need your solutions. We want to help you reach them.

Clear is kind. 

- Brene Brown

Our Values

Our Values drive us as a marketing firm for startups, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations

Our values stem from decades of entrepreneurial successes & failures

In Dune, they say "Fear is the mind-killer". Well it's also the business killer. When you lack clarity, direction and focus, it's too easy to let fear make you over-reactive.

But when you're clear that your massive investment of time, energy and money will yield the results you want, then you become confident; and then you become unstoppable. 

Be Clear

Entrepreneurship takes radical commitment -- to your audience, to your team, to yourself.

But how can you commit confidently when you are unclear which direction to take?

Before you can communicate clearly with others, you first need to get clear yourself.

We use data & marketing intelligence to help you get crystal clear on your business, so you can lead and communicate
with confidence.

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Be Clever

To succeed in business, you either need to do something different from your competition, or do it better.


Both require outside-the-box thinking. But when you're too deep in the weeds, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. 


Mark Twain said “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

We bring you perspective, and help you discover what makes your brand stand out in the minds of your customers. 

Be Compelling

Humans are very emotional, social creatures, moved far more by our internal motivations, fears and desires than by facts or specific details.

Brands & missions are most successful when they authentically speak to their audiences' deepest motivations, beginning with WHY. 

Most often it comes back to greater connection with those we love.

It's what makes entrepreneurship even worth pursuing in the first place.


Image by Kelly Sikkema
Start with Why

- Simon Sinek

We're Entrepreneurs at heart

We have over 25 years of combined experience as entrepreneurs, with businesses in e-commerce, online education, renewable energy, tele-health, non-profit & music, netting over $1M in combined online revenue.

We deeply love the scrappy creativity, ingenuity and dynamism that entrepreneurship requires. And while we love to celebrate our successes, we also cheers to our graveyard of past failed businesses, because in each one is a monument of learning & growth along the path.

We live in Baltimore, MD, and first bonded over our shared love of The Beatles, Pixar & positive psychology.

Chris Kindig

SEO & Marketing Strategy

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Gabe Bustos

Website & Content Production

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Josh Notes

Strategic Finance Advisor

As CEO of fractional CFO provider, Sustain-A-Business, and advisor to our team, Notes ensures everything we do is efficient, effective, and aligned to the strategic objectives of us and our clients. 

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Sarah Frye

PR & Communications

With over 20 years running PR for several hundred-million dollar businesses, and running her own business, Sarah acts as our primary PR & communications consultant, ensuring client needs are met at the highest of expectations.

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Tony Eppright

Marketing Tech Advisor

Eppright brings decades of agency leadership & marketing tech experience to our team. As CEO of ClickHubs, a powerful marketing CRM platform, Tony acts as our CRM & marketing automation consulatant, so we can provide first-in-class tech solutions to our clientele. 

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"It's about Who, Not How"

- Dan Sullivan

Image by Dominik Schröder

We love our Clients

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We offer non-profit clients a discount of all our services to help spread the impact.

Your customers are searching for you. 
Let's find them. 

We help mission-driven businesses reach a larger audience online, and convert that traffic into greater profits and impact.

As a digital marketing firm for startups, we know the unique challenges you face launching your products or services in a crowded marketplace. Check out our agency services.

Let's help you stand out and grow yo
ur profit and impact.

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