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Your site must fulfill people's needs, build trust, add to your list, and grow sales and satisfaction.

Let's talk about getting more from your website!

A Great Website is Essential

88% of people do online research before buying.

Do you really want to be on the wrong side of that statistic!?

Judgements on a company’s credibility are based 75% on a company’s website!

People believe that your online presence is a reflection of your quality, professionalism, trust, and care.

Gut decisions about trust and staying or leaving a site happen within 50 milliseconds.

If a first impression is everything, and your website is most people's first impression -- it had better be great!

Website Design Baltimore - Christopher Kindig

Let's talk about how to grow your website and business!

Give People what they Want!

You deserve a Website you Love, that does more for your business. 

Today the design, marketability, and interoperability of your website is at the core of your operation.

If your website is treated as an afterthought, this lack of strategy will return a lack of results.

You need an entrepreneurial website designer to plan and develop your website so that it delivers for you!

Entrepreneuron provides strategic digital marketing and website design from Baltimore, Maryland.


I design intelligent websites as business vehicles that deliver your company or organization to your future: more exposure, more leads, more sales, and more satisfaction from your clients, partners, and team.

Website Essentials


As one of your business' most important assets, you want to make sure it is firing on all cylinders for you.


You deserve what is expected in terms of capabilities, performance, accessibility, marketability, and so on.


Let's look at what you want to ensure for your Website, with this list of 12 Essential Website Elements.

Your Website Must Be...​
Website Design Baltimore - Organized
Website Design Baltimore - Optimized
Website Design Baltimore - Mobile
Website Design Baltimore - Reliable

Less is more. Sharpen your message. Simplify and consolidate your content. What is your true aim of the site? What do your people really want?


The old way of thinking is that more pages and large menus are better. This actually leads to paralysis of choice and site flight. Get people to what they want!


People are searching for the products and services you offer. But can they find you? Your website should be SEO researched and optimized to ensure you are discovered.


What do you believe and stand for? People want to know what motivates and centers your company. Are you communicating meaningfully to your core audience? 



Before we think, we feel. Before we feel, we see. Your photo, video, and graphic impressions must make an emotional connection, inspire trust, and drive action.



Half of website traffic is mobile, more or less. If you ignore how your website looks on mobile, you're not only missing you are upsetting half of your potential customers.



Your customer's and company's data is sacred. You have to protect data, in a fast moving digital world. Use only trusted systems, compliant with current data laws.



Running a business or organization is enough of a challenge. You need your systems to work, and to count on them 24/7. And you want ready support if you need it.


Do you have ready access to update your website? Is it easy to add pics, videos, blog posts, products, and pages? If you're relying on other people, you're doing it wrong.


How are people finding your website, and what are they doing while they are there? Understanding your customers and their behavior shows you what's working.


Is your site connected to your information system? Are your customer relations, operations, and accounting automated? Let connected software do the work for you.


High quality, reliable, performing websites can be planned and built affordably, and designed to maximize your ROI. Leading platforms to host your site are $10-30/mo.

Website Design Baltimore - Intelligent
Website Design Baltimore - Manageable

I'd love to hear more about your project. What are your Challenges, Opportunities, and Goals? Let's see if I can help!

Email, call 410-775-6831, or Contact me here to tell me about your project.

Let's Chat About Your Website


YOUR Website Designer in MARYLAND

Reach your Website and Marketing Goals with one of these 3 Website Packages!

I aim to give business operators exactly what they need to be more productive, profitable, and efficient.

I want you to get the most possible value and impact out of my work, and to treat your project like my own.

Read reviews to see how delighted my clients are, and check out my portfolio to see my work.

Select one of the 3 Website Packages below or Contact me to see how I can help!


Analyze and Design your Website to target your Goals!

I will evaluate your existing site or business, and interview you about it. Let's determine your ideal website strategy, and make a plan to get there!

Website Design Baltimore - Website Plan


This Website Plan Package includes an Analysis & Consultation including:

  1. Business Review - To create a stellar website, first I will discover what makes your company or organization special. What are your offerings and your audiences? What is your mission and history? Have you received any press, rewards, or reviews you are proud of? I will ask questions, do some research, and offer some free Consultation on potential offerings, distribution, and strategies.

  2. Plans & Aspirations - What have you tried, and how has it gone? What has been challenging? Where would you like to grow?  What are your big opportunities? Which goals are you aiming for?

  3. Metrics & Analytics - How do you measure progress and success? What are your targets for leads, and sales? Which systems do you have set up to track your results, or can we compile that information now? I will review data to give you an overview of your traffic and where it is coming from.

  4. Capabilities Assessment - What does your new website need? An online store, booking capabilities, a portfolio, videos, blog, advertising? Selling merchandise, offering downloads, members only content? Bring it on. Let's determine what you need most, and work backwards from there.

  5. Platform Evaluation - What platform is your website using? Do you edit it in-house or hire out, and how is that going? You want a platform that is simple to use, that is connected to other software and tools. It should be affordable, reliable, search engine and mobile friendly, and well-supported.

  6. Audience Profile - What does your primary customer look like, or what are your primary segments? How much do we know about them, their needs, expectations, and beliefs, and their average spend?

  7. Brand Story - People think in stories. In your company's story, who is at the center of that story as the hero, and what do they need? Hint: You are not the hero of the story, who you serve is. Your website's job is to tell their story, and to position your brand as their trusted guide.

  8. Marketing Mechanism - Most people who visit a given website are not going to buy something right away, even if it is a good match for them. Establish what can be used as an effective marketing mechanism of your website, to collect lead contact information and to move them towards a sale.

  9. Website Sketch - Applying all of this information and analysis, I will sketch a simplified layout for a new website home page. I will also tackle your navigation and page organizationWhat are the main pages and areas of your site, and how can they be sorted? This website sketch will prioritize your primary offerings, marketing objective, and branding goals, in a clean and clear design.

  10. Strategy Report - ​Present a report and discuss the findings. Answer your questions and concerns. Offer an action plan with targets and milestones to build and launch the new website! If you decide to hire me for it, pay only the difference towards Website Construction or Optimization Packages.


Get a Website you love Planned and Built just for You!

I will build the Website we planned, craft excellent messaging and web copy, add visuals, and make adjustments for you, then show you how to edit and update it. 

Website Design Baltimore - Website Construction

Only $2,995

This Website Construction Package launches a brand new Website, and includes:

  1. Website Planning Package - All of the valuable research, analysis, consultation, discussion, and planning in the Website Planning Package above!

  2. Website Construction - Build the Header, Footer, and all of the main pages and areas of the site. This includes up to 10 pages, while typically most websites don't need more than 3-5 solid pages.

  3. Functionality Activated - Ensure the website has all of the needs met to operate, automate, and market the business. Does it need payment settings, for an online store, donation forms event registrations, memberships, etc? I will connect it to multiple secure payment options.

  4. Branding Consistency - Clarify all brand elements, including your: mission, vision, feelings, words, colors, icons, and visuals. I will make sure they are clear, so we can incorporate them consistently.

  5. Clever Content - Write great sales copy to draw your people into your brand and offering. I will consolidate existing content and generate new content to tell the story of your site, and to drive people to take action. Depending on the scope of the content, I may ask for your help with it.

  6. Photos & Icons - I will work with your photos, advise on additional photos to take, and select some tasteful stock photography at no extra cost, to add great visuals to site. I will also apply graphics where it helps to make your point. Plus I will make sure your favicon (the icon on a browser tab) is set. 

  7. Testimonials Showcase - Let's compile and show off reviews from your clients. If you need more reviews, I can advise on how to reach out for them. These build trust for visitors, and should be displayed proudly, along with any other accolades, press, or impressive stats about your impact.

  8. Communication Systems - There should be many clear ways to contact you. This includes using reliable contact forms that are welcoming. It means linking email addresses to create emails and phone numbers to call when you click them. Finally, I can set up a live Chat system, with messaging backup when you are away, fine tuned to how you'd like to handle your customer support and sales.

  9. Leads & Subscribers - You have to be collecting leads to your website, or you are wasting the traffic. We will set up a sales funnel to engage visitors, offering them value to exchange their email address for something free, and/or to subscribe to your newsletter. We can set up a popup as well.

  10. Analytics Installed - Ensure that Google Analytics and Google Search Console are set up to monitor the activity, progress, and health of your site. Show you how to check the basic stats.

  11. Information Synched - Are you getting timely, clear, actionable data from your information systems? How are you sorting and using customer data? Are you connected to your financial record keeping, CRM, and marketing systems? See if we can make your life fitter, happier, and more productive.
  12. Mobile Optimized - I will use "mobile first" design principles, a mobile editor, and mobile tests to make sure that your website is formatted to appear flawlessly on every brand and type of device.

  13. Speed Optimized - I will run speed tests to make your website is fast. If needed, I can compress images and make or recommend additional changes to speed it up further. If you have a blog, I will turn on AMP, so that blogs load exceptionally fast, and so that Google picks up and displays them.

  14. Reviews & Adjustments - You should be thrilled with your new website. I will incorporate your needs, interests, and preferences throughout the process. I will reach out for discussion, seek feedback, make adjustments, and when it helps, explain why I think some ways are better.

  15. Testing & Launch - Hurray! It's time to activate your brand new website! I will test to ensure everything works correctly, including all payment, contact, and other forms. I will submit the site map to Google to let them know you're open for business! I will also advise on how to announce it.

  16. Traffic Forwarding - If you already had a website, you don't want to lose any of the traffic or "juice" from people linking to your old web pages. Before the new site goes live, I will set up domain forwarding on a per page basis so that old links are mapped intelligently to new pages.

  17. Platform Discounts - If we use Wix, we can get you up to 65% off your plan, locked in for up to 3 years. Plus a free domain name for a year, and Ad Credits of $150 for Google Ads + Facebook Ads!

  18. SEO Audit - Free basic overview of your website search performance and potential, including areas to focus on to drive more traffic to your site. Also, I will see if there are any critical errors or warnings you'll want to take care of. If you'd like more Search Engine Optimization, see the package below!

  19. Basic Training - I will provide some resources and a walkthrough showing how to easily access and update your website. You will have complete ownership over the website account, so you can edit it whenever you want. No more disappearing web developers keeping you hostage! You can keep me as a collaborator on the site through my account, so that I can access it when you need me to.

  20. Website Support - Need a little something adjusted? Broke something, or afraid you might? Have a question or favor to ask? Want some advice or to brainstorm? I am here for you! Just email me.


Optimize your Website so people can Find you on Google!

I will SEO your website, by researching keywords people use to find services like yours, selecting terms we can build a strategy around, and optimizing your site.

Website Design Baltimore - Website Optimization

Only $3,995

The Website Optimization Package enhances your Website Traffic, and includes:

  1. Website Planning & Construction Packages - All of the valuable research, reporting, and work in the Website Planning and Website Building packages is included in this package.

  2. SEO Strategy & Implementation Packages - I will extensively research your niche to determine what people are interested in, and what we can compete for, and will optimize the content on your website to improve keyword rankings. This includes the following items and more!

  3. Website Audit - How healthy is your website in the eyes of search engines? I will run tests to determine how well it performs, how it stacks up, and where it can and must be improved.

  4. Keyword Research - I will learn all about your business and niche, and do extensive keyword research to determine what kind of traffic and competition that is out there for each keyword phrase.

  5. Content Plan - Keyword research shows what your audience is looking for. It will inform the name of major pages, and suggest additional landing pages and blog posts to drive traffic.

  6. Content Optimization - Optimize and craft website content based on the selected keywords. I will also coach you on the next 3 pieces of content to create, and optimize them once you write them.

  7. Fundamental Optimization - Apply selected keywords to the under-the-hood settings on your website. Forward traffic from previous pages, and make sure your Site Map is correctly submitted.

  8. Entrepreneurial Insights - Keyword research tells you a lot about a market. I will share insights that arise into repositioning or creating new offerings, your competition, and domain strategy.

  9. Local Listings - Create a profile for your business in Google Maps, and optimize the settings, so that your business comes up when people search locally. I will also advise on ways to enhance results.

  10. Quarterly Reports - Each 3 months for 1 Year I will email an overview of your analytics, highlighting keywords you rank for, traffic levels, and visitor data. Plus tips, opportunities, and issues.

Learn more about the SEO Research & Implementation Packages on the SEO Services page.


For additional SEO Services, in order to boost your site's ranking and traffic faster and on more competitive keywords, see the SEO Accelerator Package. Reach out and contact me to talk!

How soon can your new Website be ready?


Usually I can complete your Website Plan, Build it, and Search Engine Optimize everything within 4-8 weeks.

The timeline depends on a few things, including the amount of our correspondence, the scope of site  needed, how quickly you can supply text, photos, and info for the site, as well as my current client schedule, and any particular milestones you are wanting to hit. I will try to be flexible to work with your needs.

I will take all of this into consideration, and give you a start time and an estimated completion time. I will then update you about progress and milestones throughout the process, and if we run into any challenges.

Have a question or special request?​


Custom project? Out of your budget? Want to offer a trade, equity, or something else? Just let me know.

Select a package above to reserve my services, or Contact me to discuss your project!

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Our Website Design Process


Let's take a brief walk through our website discovery and construction process, from learning about your needs and goals, through the designing, building, and review, to the launching and support of your site!


Website Design Baltimore - Discovery

Analyze Your plans, needs, and goals.


Website Design Baltimore - Gameplan

Determine a website and marketing strategy.


Website Design Baltimore - Design

Sketch outlines of the site's design and organization.


Website Design Baltimore - Buid

Construct all of the pages and parts of the website.


Website Design Baltimore - Review

Tell me what you think, and what we can adjust.


Website Design Baltimore - Launch

Launch a completed site, and share it with the world!


Website Design Baltimore - Support

I am here for questions or anything that comes up!



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