But can they Find You?​

If your website is not well researched, analyzed, and optimized, people won't be able to.


I am ​a digital marketing expert and Wix SEO Specialist who can help you grow your business!

Grow Your Business with a Wix SEO Specialist


You've got a Wix Website.

Your website is built, your store is active, and you are ready for more business. Your wix website is live!

So where is everyone?


You've got offerings people want, at a good price, with kind service. But people are not beating a path to your site. Maybe you're getting a few search clicks here and there. But how can you tap into more traffic?

There is a major difference between just launching a website, and Search Engine Optimizing a website.

Wix SEO Services to the Rescue!

Imagine you wanted someone to find your book in a massive library. Just publishing a website is like placing that book on a random shelf, and hoping that someone who needs it will wander down that row and find it.

When you properly SEO a website, however, it is like putting your book on prominent display on an endcap of your subject, in a highly trafficked main aisle of the library. It is a marketing plan, not a launch and hope.

Location, Location, Location.

People are searching online before they buy. Did you know that: 


  • 80% of people search online before buying something, even if they end up buying it in person.

  • 92% of all web searches click on websites on the first page of results! 

  • 75% of all search clicks are to websites in the top 3 results!

Bottom line -- if your site is not located where customers are searching and shopping, you won't be found!

Speak Google's Language​.

Search engines track, measure, and weigh over 200 factors to determine the order of search results.

To get your website into the top 10 websites in the results for search engines, you have to understand which keywords are important to you, which you can reasonably compete for, and how to apply those findings.


As a Wix SEO Specialist, I apply my insight, expertise, and powerful software tools to research, analyze, and advise on your specific niche, and find opportunities to gain more traffic and clients for your business!

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Grow Your Website Traffic & Leads!

What are your business challenges and opportunities? Who are you trying to reach, and what are they looking for?  


Let's talk about your digital marketing plans!

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Is Wix Good for SEO?

The short answer is Yes! 


I have used many different Website Builders, known as CMS (Content Management Systems), over the years.


As much as I appreciated Wix, years ago it failed to allow the full flexibility required to optimize a website.


That was then. This is now! Wix advanced SEO.


I was so thrilled when I read about the extent that Wix went to in order to not only keep up but to lead in this area. In fact, Wix was so confident about their SEO upgrades, they hold worldwide competitions with SEO experts, which prove once and for all that you can rank a website even faster and easier on Wix!

Why Wix is good for SEO:

  • Analytics - connects directly to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  • Metadata - easy access to edit information about pages and photos.

  • Address - allows you full control over most page or post URLs.

  • Map - Google just loves scanning over websites built on Wix.

  • Redirecting - Easy to forward previous traffic to new pages.

  • Mobile - offers tools to ensure easy mobile optimization.

  • Speed - loading time is good, and accelerated by AMP.

  • More - Here is some additional perspective from Wix.

Reach Your Customers Online with a Wix SEO Specialist!

I will analyze your website, research keywords people use to find websites like yours, select ones we can build a strategy around, and provide advice on your gameplan.

I can also implement all of the keyword findings, make sure that search engines love your site, and provide reports and advice on your progress along the way.

For more competitive niches and keywords, or for more ambitious sales targets and larger marketing budgets, I can accelerate your online success even more.